fredag 19. november 2010

Why ?


why do we love again
when love has broken the heart

why does the sun shine
when the rain still falls

why does the bird sing
when the tree has no leaves

why does a floor always creak
when need is to be silent

why do so many listen
when promises are so often broken

why do we have the choice
when so often the choice is wrong

why do we care so much
when so many do not

why is the love often frowned
when the loved is to be different

-Gary M. Dean-

5 kommentarer:

  1. Litt Andy Warhol over disse! Stilig!

  2. Good questions without which life would not be.

  3. JA!!!lekkert!!!!!Bare LEKKERT!!:)))

  4. Noe så vakkert!! Både bilde, farger og tekst! Noe av det vakreste jeg harhørt på lenge..!! Og yes, Why....

    En fin helg til deg! :)

  5. Well there is an answer for that:

    Love is a disease that only time cures. If you fall in love again it is a relapse...but it takes twenty more years for you to realize that.

    After so much illusions and suffering you also realize that true love starts with a solid friendship.

    A big kiss from the Empire.