søndag 31. oktober 2010

The very same moon

Night after night, I look to the stars
Wondering where you might be
And I've thought to myself, is that very same moon
Shining on you, like it's shining on me

lørdag 30. oktober 2010

Keep on walking

I have a long road ahead of me
It's cloudy and dark it's hard to see
Will I ever get through to the end?
Been down this sling so many times before
And I told myself I would do it no more
Now I'm back on the same road again

I was aiming for the sky,
ended up flat on the ground
But once again the sun is rising,
I better keep on walking

-Salem Al Fakir-

fredag 29. oktober 2010

Do you know?

Another autumn day
has come and gone
I walk alone through the park
I walk along so I can feel my breath
Without distraction, without no relief

You are always om my mind
and I miss you so much...

Do you know?

onsdag 27. oktober 2010


-Gi meg styrke til å forandre det jeg kan,
 sinnsro til å akseptere det jeg ikke kan forandre,
 og visdom til å se forskjellen-


mandag 25. oktober 2010

Mot ukjente landskap

Denne uro e ein vind
som rive i seilet,
- et sting i søvnig sinn,
Denne uro e ein sti
Mot ukjente landskap,
mot alt som kan gå meg forbi.
Så min uro må bli.

Denne uro e ein gnist
som tenne opp bålet
og blir ein brann te sist.
Denne uro e ein del
av liv eg har levd i.
For den som sette alt på spel,
har ein uro i sjel.

Må min uro holda stand
som vind, som bål og brann.
I alt eg har av tilmålt tid:
La min uro forbli.


søndag 24. oktober 2010


A wise man once said you can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.
 What he meant is nothing comes without a price.
 So before you go into battle, you better decide how much you're willing to lose.
 Too often, going after what feels good means letting go of what you know is right,
 and letting someone in means abandoning the walls you've spent a lifetime building.
 Of course, the toughest sacrifices are the ones we don't see coming,
 when we don't have time to come up with a strategy to pick a side or to measure the potential loss.
 When that happens, when the battle chooses us and not the other way around,
 that's when the sacrifice can turn out to be more than we can bear.

fredag 22. oktober 2010

You can bet your life

      Yes, all that you’ve give me, I know
      But all you’ve cost me, you know
      Sums up to nothing much you know,
      nothing much at all
Sorry for not being what you needed
For not possessing what you
Think you want
Don’t know about anyone who does
By the way, is that why
you’re still you?
Still within yourself

Tell me which part I loved
And which one I hate the most?
Did it get you ready for later
Did the others fade out, like me?

I won’t come near you again
You can bet your life
I don’t think I
Even want to see you

Ever again

-Unni Wilhelmsen-

torsdag 21. oktober 2010


If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera.

-Lewis Hine-


tirsdag 19. oktober 2010


No one can take away
my hopes and dreams
of a
new start
and a
new beginning

mandag 18. oktober 2010


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

-Albert Camus-

lørdag 16. oktober 2010


I love the time and in between
the calm inside me
in the space where I can breathe
I believe there is a
distance I have wandered
to touch upon the years of
reaching out and reaching in
holding out holding in

I believe
this is heaven to no one else but me
and I'll defend it as long as I can be
left here to linger in silence

torsdag 14. oktober 2010

Have patience

Please don't push me,

I need to walk these stairs on my own
If you want to go faster, that`s alright.
I can`t go faster than I am able to.

Please don't push me!
I need to stay here for a while
Rest a little, reflect a little, weep a little...
go back one step, feel if I`m ready to move on

Please don't push me!
It hurts to trip over...
Maybe I`ll trip over anyway,
but at least I`ll do it my way
It`s safer that way.

Don`t try to convince me
the next step is easier
just because you`ve walked these roads before
I feel safe when you`re waiting here with me.
It is safe with you around,
I need someone to hold on to,
someone who knows the next step.
It's hard to take all these steps alone...

I'm heading on...have patience

Please don`t push me!

onsdag 13. oktober 2010

Autumn leaves

The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sunburned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I'll hear old winter's song
But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

tirsdag 12. oktober 2010


-Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow"-

mandag 11. oktober 2010

Dagene som kom og gikk

Det kan være man oppsøker "gamle stier"
 når man føler seg ensom og alene
Man gjør det fordi det er godt å være der
la tankene vandre der...
 la tårene komme
slippe ut vonde følelser..

Sette seg ned...
 la minnene strømme på
de gode minnene
de gode minnene man ikke trodde fantes
minnene om en tid som er forbi

Det var en av de dagen som kom og gikk...

søndag 10. oktober 2010


The last humiliation

fredag 8. oktober 2010

The future

 We spend our whole lives worrying about the future,
 planning for the future,
 trying to predict the future,
 as if figuring it out will cushion the blow.
 But the future is always changing.
 The future is the home of our deepest fears and wildest hopes.

 But one thing is certain when it finally reveals itself.
 The future is never the way we imagined it.

onsdag 6. oktober 2010

People come into your life for a reason

People come into your life for a reason. The negative people usually are there to teach you what you don’t want to become, treat you how you don’t want to be treated, and to show you what you don’t deserve. Learn from it, let them teach you, and then let them go...

Sometimes the scars won't seem to heal, cause it`s too much to erase.
But eventually the memories will fade...

søndag 3. oktober 2010

Moving on

Life is about making the right decisions
and moving on.

fredag 1. oktober 2010

The road

Det finnes veier som er så smale at man må gå dem alene...