mandag 31. januar 2011


I know a girl
She puts the color inside of my world
And she's just like a maze
Where all of the walls all continually change
Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

-John Mayer-

søndag 30. januar 2011

You move me

This is how it seems to me
Life is only therapy
Real expensive
And no guarantee

You go laughing  in the dark
Making light of it
And I follow with my heart
Laughing all the way

Cause you move me

Now I’m taking delight
In every little thing
How you move me

lørdag 29. januar 2011


You left me shadows
Etched on the wall
You left me echoes
Footsteps in the hall
I feel like a shadow
Walking behind who you think I am
Just like my shadow

tirsdag 25. januar 2011


Are my lips unkissable?
Are my eyes unlookable?
Is my skin untouchable?
Are my words unlistenable?
Are my hands untouchable?
Am I undesirable?
Am I unlovable?

You made me feel like my mother, she abandoned me
You made me feel like the act of love is empty
Am I so unlovable?
Is my heart unbreakable?
Do I remind you of a part of you that you despise?

-Darren Hayes-

Jeg blogger for Japan Foto  
denne gangen om vinterlig portrett. Ta gjerne en titt innom nettsiden deres.

mandag 24. januar 2011

Not a commercial

It`s just my passion for hdr and travelling

lørdag 22. januar 2011

The curve of the moon

I saw you in the curve of the moon

I looked into your
iceblue eyes

And I asked myself...
Is it really possible for a men
 to be so perfectly, perfectly beautiful?

onsdag 19. januar 2011


Suddenly the world seems like a better place
Suddenly the days moves with a better grace
Suddenly the life doesn't seem such a waste
And maybe it`s because of you...

lørdag 15. januar 2011


Is it possible to open the backdoor?

In speed, please?

onsdag 12. januar 2011

Winter in HDR

~ One kind word can warm three winter months. ~

mandag 10. januar 2011

When the time is right

There will be one day when the time is right
When everything fall into perfect alignment
When you can`t help smiling
thinking about someone
someone special

Lying on soft green grass looking out on the ocean
The wind keeps blowing
There is nothing left to think about
You look at the sky and those clouds are moving slowly
Time flies

You don`t even notice the sun is setting
Those birds are going home
It`s getting darker
The moon is back

You start to wonder....
how many stars are in the milky way
The universe is a mystery

There will be a time when the time is right

lørdag 8. januar 2011

What comes around goes around...

Karma it's not unfair.
It's not unexpected.
It just evens the score.
We reap what we sow.

What comes around goes around.

fredag 7. januar 2011


These days I feel broke inside, but I won't admit
Sometimes I just want to hide, cause it's you I miss

There's nothing I wouldn't do
To see you and hold you close again
Sometimes I want to call you but I know you won't be "there"

 I've hurt myself by loving you

onsdag 5. januar 2011


People ask me why it's so hard to trust people

and I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise...


mandag 3. januar 2011


We were just passers by...
Walking on the streets to nowhere
It could have lastet forever
We slippet away
Maybe we were never there


If only we stayed
If only we waited
Just for a couple more minutes

That day

søndag 2. januar 2011

Den siste kvelden i året

Den siste kvelden i året,
men hun var ikke der hun egentlig ønsket å være.
Hun hadde flyktet bort fra alle minnene.
Minnene som egentlig skulle vært gode...

Hun tenkte tilbake på kvelden for et år siden...

Men nå satt hun her,
på en helt annen breddegrad
i sommerkjole
på en plass hvor solen alltid skinte
og hver eneste solnedgang var vakker.

Hun så utover havet 
 lurte på hvordan kvelden ville bli.
Snart skulle hun reise hjem igjen,
til sin kalde hjemplass.

Det hadde vært en befrielse å være her.
Hun kunne ønske hun slapp å reise hjem igjen...