lørdag 15. august 2009

Sky Watch

Herdla church is a church on Askøy, an island outside Bergen, Norway.
The church is from 1863.
The picture is taken late at night, after dark.
Others skywatchers her
- Childs's hymn by Charles Dickens-

Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father
Ere I lay me down to sleep;
Bid Thy angels, pure and holy,
Round my bed their vigil keep.

My sins are heavy, but Thy mercy
Far outweighs them, every one;
Down before Thy cross I cast them,
Trusting in Thy help alone.

Keep me through this night of peril
Underneath its boundless shade;
Take me to Thy rest, I pray Thee,
When my pilgrimage is made.

None shall measure out Thy patience
By the span of human thought;
None shall bound the tender mercies
Which Thy Holy Son has bought.

Pardon all my past transgressions,
Give me strength for days to come;
Guide and guard me with Thy blessing
Till Thy angels bid me home.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing photos of the church, and the cemetery. The colour contrast of the yellows and blue are great!

  2. Veldig bra bilde flotte skyer og liker vinkelen du har tatt det fra

  3. Så nydelig bilde! Flott himmel også.

  4. These are spectacular. I've never taken such pictures, but now I really, really want to try. Incredible!

  5. Gåtta banen som vi sier her jeg bor.. Veldig fine bilder, stilig vinkel og lyset er bare wow!

  6. Utrolig stilige bilder du har knipset her, himmelen skaper litt mystikk i bildene som var veldig fint.

  7. I like this prayer very much. Your photos are wonderful.

  8. Wow! Tar andan ur mig! Jättefina! Och tack för ditt besök hos mig! =)