onsdag 25. mai 2011

You're my hero

Hope is always on your side
There''ll be days when it is harder to find,
You'll reach that mountain top some how
You may have to walk for miles
Cross the desert
Swim rivers wide
No matter who you are
You're my hero

When you feel like giving up
Just look how far you've come
'Cause when you take that first step
You know you've already won
You are so close you can almost
Hold it in your hands

4 kommentarer:

  1. Kommer på din første utstilling, heve Champagneglasset og holde tale skal jeg også, så d så :-)

  2. a true work of art ... picturesque and artistic :-)

  3. ordentlig van gogh himmel jo tone! så kult!:)

  4. You have got a new impressed follower. Beautiful and creative photo work.